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Welcome to Greater Ireland, a new and exciting hypergrid-enabled virtual environment in the early stages of development. Create a free account to explore beautiful, custom-built recreations of Irish landmarks and experience Irish culture in new and exciting ways.

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Welcome to our World

Everyone is welcome to join.

Simply create a Free account and unlock a world of possibilities.

Explore a virtual world with unique recreations of Irish towns, ancient historical sites and beautiful rural landscapes. All of our regions contain unique and custom-built content creating an authentic Irish cultural experience.

Share new and exciting experiences with people from all around the world. By becoming part of a passionate and active community, you can help us shape Greater Ireland into a virtual world you can be proud to be a part of.

Build a virtual space unique to yourself from a blank canvas, and invite your friends to visit and become part of your virtual life.

Because we are committed to creating our own custom-built content , Greater Ireland is in the very early stages of development. But as we are constantly updating our regions, your experience can only get better over time. It takes a lot of work and planning on our part, but like all good things, it will be worth the wait.

How to Join

Accout Set-up
Step 1

Sign-up to Greater Ireland and select an Avatar for Greater Ireland.

Firestorm Set-up
Step 2

Set-up the Firestorm Viewer.

Step 3

Login to the Greater Ireland grid.

Future Plans

In the coming months, we will be adding new venues for our members to experience different aspects of Irish culture, such as music venues for people to enjoy live performances, and galleries for artists to showcase their original work.

In the near future, we will be offering a number of options for renting regions on our dedicated and high-performance multi-core servers. Prices have not been finalized as of yet, but we promise to offer competitive and reasonable packages.

In time, we hope to create our own marketplace to host a wide variety of our 3D Assets. In the meantime, we plan to add content on the Kitely marketplace in the SOTA3D shop for you to browse through. Our content is of the highest quality and standards, as well as being optimized for performance on Opensim.

About Us

We are 3D Artists and Game Designers based in Limerick, Ireland. Our focus is on developing a virtual environment with a thriving and vibrant community of users, as well as creating top-quality assets for Opensim.

Derek, the founder and co-owner of Greater Ireland, has over 10 years experience with virtual worlds, running a highly successful and well known previous incarnation of Greater Ireland in Second Life. Not only is he a content-creator, his roles include grid management and development, website maintenance and customer support. He is also a self-confessed "supreme tea-maker" and really, really loves home-made soup.

Paul, the other co-owner of Greater Ireland, is a content creator with additional duties in programming, grid development, customer support, website maintenance, and occasionally writing some really big words.

Our Thanks

A project such as ours is no easy undertaking, and a lot of people have helped us to reach this stage of our development. We are deeply thankful to everyone for all the support, and we would like to acknowledge the following in particular ...

Everyone involved in the The Opensim Community.

James Stallings/Simhost for all his help in so many areas. An absolute Legend!

BOG for giving us his valuable time to help out with the website.

Brian for his expert financial advice and knowledge.

Ann-Marie for helping out with advice on getting us up and running.

Enterprise Ireland for giving us a glimpse into what is required to run a business.